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  • Shawn Nocher

45 Book clubs and counting...

Even after publishing two novels and numerous short stories, I still can’t believe anyone cares what I have to say...

And that, my friends, is why you don’t get bombarded with newsletters from me. 

Today, however, I’m about to head out to yet another book club that has invited me to be a guest and I find myself both grateful and yearning to connect with the readers who have championed my work. Since publishing my first novel in 2021 I’ve had the honor of being a guest at more than forty-five book clubs. I’ve been warmly welcomed in living rooms, on patios and decks, in coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, schools, private clubs, churches, synagogues, and Zoom. And always with genuine enthusiasm.

Each invitation has brought with it a sense of privilege and appreciation. To share in the intimate gatherings of readers, in the passion for literature, and to engage in spirited discussions about books is my honor and my privilege. 

When I first started doing this writing thing, I was certain that even if I never sold a story or a novel, I’d keep on doing it. Weaving stories and putting words on paper is what I do. But—WOW—it’s so much more fun when you know people actually want to read the words you sweated over.

So, I am here to say thank you for reading my work, for gifting my novels to friends, for promoting my work on social media, and for choosing my novels for yourself and your club’s reading list.

Because newsletters should have news in them, I will say that I am deep in my next novel. (More on that later because we writers are superstitious, and I don’t want to jinx anything). But I will keep you in the loop in the days ahead. I have stories to tell, and perhaps more importantly, I have a community that wants to hear them!

With heartfelt appreciation and warmest regards,


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